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A few words from John Strak, the Editor of Whole Hog....

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Dr John Strak, Editor Whole Hog


Whole Hog Brief Issue 40Whole Hog Brief Issue 84, 31 March 2003

Whole Hog Brief Issue 62, 8 April 2002
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Whole Hog Brief Issue 62, 8 April 2002

Price: £5.00

..... EU study warns about applicant farm aid, Fourth CSF outbreak in Germany, Pick delisting approved by EGM, EU Commission proposes new safety rules for feed additives and AGPs, EU investigating methionine price fixing, Lithuanian meat company accused of misleading labelling, Carnicas Serrano results, UK government5 submission to official FMD inquiry, House of Lords inflict defeat by halting UK FMD Bill, Ulster Farmers Union query pig price differences, Adisseo launched from Aventis, Kansas officials admit to FMD rumour errors, Report slams US packer ownership ban, Canadians look at EU farm food safety, Hog price insurance pilot offered in Iowa, Minnesota dioxin discovery prompts probe, Animal welfare research sought by US Pork Board, US and Mexico set up co-operation committee, Canada prepares new hog environmental standard, US trade, Canadian medicated feed regs, Premium Brands sells Peace Pork, USMEF funds small company meat promos, ConAgra results, Farmland to rebuild pork plant, US Environmental Agency to toughen manure rules, OZ says disease could cost billions, Japan trade, NSW plans disease response exercise, Philippine GMO guidelines, NZ Brucella linked to illegal pig slaughter, Malaysian pig farmers at it again, Russia ends ban on Chinese meat products, US and South Africa co-operate on FMD vaccine, I say I say, Price monitor