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A few words from John Strak, the Editor of Whole Hog....

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Dr John Strak, Editor Whole Hog


Whole Hog Brief Issue 93, 1 September 2003Whole Hog Brief Issue 206, March 2012

Whole Hog Brief Issue 112, 12 July 2004
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Whole Hog Brief Issue 112, 12 July 2004

Price: £5.00

..... Portuguese pig grant aid ruled illegal, EU Commission approves modernisation funds for Polish food sector, Pork prices fall as Poland imports livestock and expands capacity, EU export refunds go up as EU pork prices rise, Dutch livestock antibiotic use falls, IFA claim Irish producers ‘short changed on prices’, EU signs Council of Europe Animal Transport Convention, Plea from NI pig farmers over nitrate grants, EU strikes deal with Romania over food production, BPEX welcomes Health and Welfare Plan, 20% savings to be made in UK sausage supply chain, Sygen slips, Chocolate Salo is the new Ukrainian treat, US Senator says Voluntary COOL unlikely this year, New US labelling requirements expected, Anti-agri terror centres open, US hog prices, Canadian researchers look at impact of stalls size on productivity, USDA to distribute national animal ID funds, SDSU gets funds to develop PRRS vaccine, FSIS amends regulations for pork barbecue sauce, Nebraska Pork Partners buy states largest pork producer, Burger King CEO resigns, Land O’Lakes swine division up for sale, ConAgra results, Antibiotics-free pork producer in partnership with Excel, Smithfield Packing Company joins Nistevo Network, Court backs farmer against Tyson, Land O’Lakes takes 100% of feed JV, NZ PMWS outbreak may be less bad, Japan trade, Japan to continue blanket BSE testing, JV’s and branding drive pork retailing in China, PRRS confirmed in SA’s Western Cape, Kiwis eat more pork. New Avian flu outbreaks in Asia, Korean pork prices at record high, FMD hits pigs in Cambodia, S Korea trade, Taiwanese task force to stop illegal pork sales, Philippine wild boar endangered, I say I say, Price monitor