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A few words from John Strak, the Editor of Whole Hog....

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Dr John Strak, Editor Whole Hog


Whole Hog Brief Issue 56, 17 December 2001Whole Hog Brief Issue 100, 15 December 2003

Whole Hog Brief Issue 78, 16 December 2002
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Whole Hog Brief Issue 78, 16 December 2002

Price: £5.00

..... Drought plunges Australian farmers into losses, EU to help pork producers export to Japan, EU report compares welfare standards, J’Accuse say National Pig Association, EU adopts new State Aid rules to fight diseases, EU forecasts modest growth for pig market, EU to charge for GM testing, UK moves to tackle pig infertility, New head of JSR genetics team, UK meat hormone working group set up, DEFRA steps up UK pig tagging campaign, UK industry urged to give clear country of origin labelling, B~PEX/MLC brings home the bacon with World Pork Congress, US/Chile agree FTA, Judge gives pork checkoff stay, US hogs, Mexico may seek to renegotiate NAFTA Ag terms, Brazil bre4aks record for pigmeat exports, US trade, Tyson head calls for scrapping COOL, Tyson expects lower 1 Qtr, Farmland future based on pork says President, Monsanto Choice Genetics moves units to Canada, Circle Four plans to turn pig waste to profit, US Pork Board approves 2003 checkoff budget, Merc goes public, OZ unveils drought rescue package, Australia’s ABS sees more adverse drought impacts, S Korea trade, Report confirms success of OZ Govt pig program, Taiwan hog group plans to buy Chinese corn, China’s Sichuan pig industry to get Thai investment, APL’s AGM voted a success, Interview with Mr Lih-Tzy Yeh – Taiwanese Swine Association, , I say I say, Price monitor